About Us

For 110 years, the Bank of Waynesboro has delivered the best in banking services to Wayne County and surrounding areas. The Bank’s customers have convenient locations in the main branch office on Waynesboro’s Courthouse Square, in downtown Collinwood and a branch office in the Barlow area in east Waynesboro.

More recently, the Bank of Waynesboro established a branch office in Lawrenceburg, a beautiful new addition to the business district on N. Locust Ave. called the Community Bank of Lawrence County. Numerous automated tellers in Wayne and Lawrence Counties and on-line access to accounts make banking with the Bank of Waynesboro even handier. Add together our strong commitment to customer service and extensive contributions to a vast number of community activities and you get a Bank that cares and a Bank that shares- the Bank of Waynesboro.

A Glimpse into Our History

The Bank of Waynesboro was organized and chartered because of the need for the services it would provide for a growing county seat town. On February 16, 1904, Dr. Cicero Buchanan, Joe Youngblood, a Clifton, Tennessee merchant, D.N. Morrow, and C.G. Belew, both Waynesboro merchants, and Norman Thaxton from Kentucky, obtained a charter from the state of Tennessee to operate a bank.

Dr. Buchanan was elected the first President of the Bank, with Jay Yeiser being the Cashier and CEO. Upon opening, all business was done by pen and pencil. Then in December 1904, three directors authorized the purchase of one adding machine. Business was promising for The Bank of Waynesboro.

Directors of the bank began to see a need for a financial institution in Collinwood. With around 5,000 residents, a booming lumber industry, and the government building a large chemical company, the directors amended the bank’s original charter in 1918 to enable the opening of a branch office, The Bank of Collinwood. Quite some years later, another branch office, this time for the Waynesboro area, was visualized. In 1975, the Barlow community on the eastern side of Waynesboro gained a brand new place to bank, The Bank of Waynesboro (Hampton Branch or Barlow Branch). With three offices in Wayne County, The Bank of Waynesboro was flourishing.

In 2004, about 100 years after first opening its doors, The Bank of Waynesboro decided to spread its wings even further and opened its first office outside Wayne County. After years of entertaining the idea, The Community Bank of Lawrence County was built to better serve its current customers and hopefully gain new ones.

Our bank continues to grow. With four convenient locations, The Bank of Waynesboro and its branch offices remain committed to service and excellence. We appreciate your business.

A Look to the Future

Tradition and commitment to personal service are at our foundation. Upon that, we are continuing to use the new tools and technology available to serve our customers even better. This new website is evidence of that; the latest technology allows you to use the internet to manage your finances online, any time that is convenient to you. Even so, we still hope to see you in person, because you are the most important thing to our business.