Consumer Loans

  • Automobiles
  • Boats and Other Recreational Vehicles
  • Home Improvement
  • Vacations
  • Consumer Goods

Agriculture Loans

Land and equipment

Other Loans

  • Loans to municipalities and non-profit organizations
  • Loans to churches
  • Lines of credit
  • Letters of credit backed by a loan commitment

Real Estate Loans

  • Bridge Loans
  • Home loans to purchase, construct, renew or improve property
  • First lien home loans
  • Junior lien loans
  • Multi-family home loans
  • Open-end home equity loans
  • Rental property loans
  • Non-farm, non-residential loans

Commercial Loans

Use the Mortgage Calculator to approximate your monthly loan payment. Please note that this calculator is only to be used as a gauge and is not representative of you actual mortgage payment.

One of our friendly mortgage specialists can assist you in determining your actual monthly payment. Contact your branch today.

Loan Calculator

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